Jennifer Ingrid Page


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Reflective Decision Maker

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Reflective Decision Maker

A teacher who demonstrates the characteristics of a reflective decision maker is one who applies knowledge of learning theories and developmental stages to plan lessons and select activities. She is also able to incorporate individual student differences including cultural background, experiences, ability levels, and community as part of the nurturing environment in the classroom.

These artifacts are representative of my abilities as a reflective decision maker:

            Artifact 1: Helping Older, Struggling Readers

This article discusses how older students have different needs as learners than do younger students. It incorporates the theories of child development (INTASC Principle 2) as well as encouraging teachers to be flexible in their approach to older students.

            Artifact 2: Cultural Classroom Project

This project incorporates community and family history into the content of the curriculum. It represents my ability to embrace the multi-cultural background of my students (ACEI standard 1).

            Artifact 3: Reflection about Teaching Theory

This paper shows that I am able to incorporate teaching theories and scholarly works into my personal beliefs about the teaching of reading.